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Bare Bones

What Lies Within

My name is Kynsley (pronounced KINZ-LEE) Morgan.

Personal View of Self...

To define myself without arrogance, I am an honest, humane, and considerate individual.  

Altruistic in regard to others; however, I refuse to allow other's to walk over me.

Hyper-intellectualist. Quick-witted. Instinctive. Vigilant. Chameleon. Tactile. Dendrophile.

What Makes Me Tick

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A deeper look...

I am compatible with like-minded discerning individuals.

I truly enjoy the connections I make, which will be more that apparent during our time together. As long as I am treated with respect, honesty, and dignity...You will be given the same in return.  

I keep my circle small, am extremely low volume, and believe in self-preservation. Those I choose to expend my energy with, are ones I feel a genuine compatibility with. 

Fact Checks About Me

I was born and raised in Virginia until 1993, relocated to Mississippi Gulf Coast until 2015, and moved back home to the East Coast.

I am a huge nerd.  I love genealogy.  I love history.  I love uncovering truth.

I am not religious.  I am pagan.  I am not interested in politics.

I love renovation and restoration, and by this I mean yes, I can restore an old home.

I am of ethnic cultures.

I am a tomboy.  I hate makeup, lingerie and heels lol!  Just sayin'!

My artwork I wear upon my flesh, are sentimental milestones in my life and tell a piece of my story.

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