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I strive to make planning go as seamless and transparent as possible.  The cornerstones to all extraordinary friendships, are communication and being considerate of one another's safety and feelings, making both individuals as comfortable as can be.  I am a huge stickler on consideration of others and honesty.

Below are listed my REQUIRED COMMITMENTS that must be reciprocated willingly.  
I will only meet if we are in mutual agreement about the required commitments of one another, as they are non-negotiable!

Please read this very carefully and to its entirety.

***I reserve the right to deny someone who I feel I may not be compatible with.



*All information provided in the verification process is kept in the strictest confidence by myself and ONLY myself.

*I do not contact any information that I ask for, but use my own thorough, yet non-invasive approach, to check things out and then discard.


*All my pictures are of me and are an accurate representation of my appearance. They have been verified by P411 and various other sites that I use to advertise on.

*I take honesty very seriously.  I do not sugarcoat shit.  If I feel it, I will say it.  If something needs to be said, I will say it.



*I gladly accept wardrobe requests within reason and as long as I find it comfortable. If I do not have an outfit in my collection, I would be happy to accept your requested clothing choice as a gift, and model it for you.

*I highly value our time and am punctual to a planned meeting.  I am a great communicator, so if something ails me from being on time (such as traffic), I will keep you updated at all times.

*I will respond to your correspondence in a timely manner.  If you do not hear from me, it simply means that minimal to no information was given, I found it inappropriate, or I am busy with personal matters and cannot be distracted at that given time.

*I truly enjoy the connections I make, which will be more that apparent during our time together.  As long as I am treated with respect, honesty, and humane...You will be given the same in return.  

I keep my circle small, am extremely low volume, and believe in self-preservation.  Those I choose to expend my energy with, are ones I feel a genuine compatibility with.









*You understand that my safety is paramount in all regards. Therefore, it is crucial for me to verify ALL NEW FRIENDS, who I choose to potentially meet.  My discreet, and painless screening process can be done via 


**I do NOT accept provider references, p411 or any other site and membership solely for screening.  You have been warned.

***I do not accept VOIP, phone apps, blocked calls or burner phones as part of screening. You may contact with everything BUT a blocked number, but be expected to give a real phone number.

Explanation of what each is:

-Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.

-A phone app, which is short for "application," is a type of software that can be installed and run on a computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic devices. An app most frequently refers to a mobile application used to hide. IE, TEXT NOW, GOOGLE VOICE, DUO, WHAT'S APP, etc.

-Blocking your phone number when contacting will automatically put you on alert! The words "Private," "Anonymous," or some other indicator will appear on the recipient's phone instead of actual incoming mobile number. This makes you extremely SUSPECT!

-Prepaid phones are cellphones that have a monthly service that is not contract-based. Instead, you purchase the airtime and data you need one month at a time. Burners are purchased with prepaid minutes and without a formal contract with a communications provider. While some users may buy burner phones for cash to avoid the financial commitment of a contract, some others use their phones for shady purposes, such as conspiracies, anonymity, and fraud.

*** I do not accept usernames, memberships or reviews as part of my screening.

I do not care about the h0bby1st, I care about the MAN who I am potentially allowing in my personal space.

*** I respect confidentiality, and expect the same in return, however, I do NOT respect anonymity. Safety is not a one way street.


Participants provide personal information (IE, name, email address, phone number), and can therefore be linked back to the results. The connection between the participants and the results are known, but the terms of the confidentiality agreement limit those (self and participant only) who will know of this connection. In short, an activity is confidential if participants provide personally identifying information but the connection between participant and results is not shared.



Participants refuse to divulge pertinent information validating a connection between individual participant's responses given and the results. In the case of an online aptitude test for example, this would mean that the responses cannot be linked in any way to the participant. To sum this up, when dealing with an anonymous , the individual’s responses or results cannot be linked to their identity in any way.

*** I will not deal with the latter type of individual in any way! What works for someone else who lacks self-care for their own safety, does not work for me. MY SAFETY POLICIES will not be waivered for a potentially dangerous whim!


*I do not offer and will no use, or allow illegal activities or partake in substance or alcohol abuse, discussing them will force me to end our correspondence.  Having them in your possession, using them prior, or being around them is a HARD PASS!

I do not condone any altering substance of any sort.

I am particular about hygiene and wellness.  I am immuno-compromised so I am selective of individuals who may be harmful to my health, LITERALLY.


**I stand firm in my personal preference of 35 or older.  I am 45 years of age, and do not feel mental stimulation with individuals younger than 35.  Under 40, is a case by case basis actually.  Lying to me about age, is silly.  Trying to get me to bend my preference is an insult and crossing of a boundary.  This is not up for discussion.

**I will not be swayed on my safety protocols. Respect it and comply, or find someone else who is less strict with personal autonomy.

**I will not engage conversations that are one worded introductions, people asking me if I am awake, if I am available right now, what I am doing, or starts with pet names. I ask to be addressed by the name Kynsley, because it shows me that you took the time to read my ad and website thoroughly, and aren't sitting around bored and scrolling the list of pictures, calling or texting every ad seeing who will respond first.

***NO MEANS NO!  End of discussion.

***No, I will not send pictures.  No, I do not owe it to you to verify who I am.  With this being said, I am REVIEWED AND VERIFIED as being legitimate, honest and possessing integrity, in the way I appear and carry myself.  This has been a professional factor for over 10 years globally.  Google is your best friend.  The banners on the home page are also an added asset for you to utilize.

***If a deposit is required or a cancellation fee has been issued, you will respect the requirement and not give me every reason in the book not to.  I am not your past experience.  I am not going to suck the fart out of your ass explaining why you should do the right thing and honor requests or cancellations.  You have made it to my website, you're reading this page, so therefore, you have been made aware of all these things!


*First impression is everything... 

I expect an actual introduction of self, by way of TEXT, during the hours of 10am to 9pm: (757-809-6021):

YOUR NAME, AGE, AND WHAT CITY YOU'RE LOCATED IN, AS WELL AS THE SITE YOU FOUND ME ON is a great way to start.  (A nickname is not a name.  A username is not a name.)


***I keep the hours of noon to 9pm, Mon-Thurs; noon to 10pm, Fri & Sat; I am not available on Sunday.

***24 hour notice is a mandatory requirement.  Same day is never available when I am home-based.  This is not up for discussion.

*** I am only available for outbound visits to residential or hotel establishments only!

*** I will only offer inbound visits if certain terms and conditions have been agreed upon, and 24 hour notice has been given.

***I do NOT offer lesser time increments than what I have posted on my website, and on my ads online.  Do not attempt to barter on time or inter-vivos gifting.  

L3g@l3se St@tut3: It is l3g@l to hir3 an 3sc0rt for her time and c0mp@n1onsh1p. It is 1LL3g@L to s0Licit@t3 for pr0st1tut1on. I am aware of my rights and my L@ws pertaining to such things, and in no way will I be expected to engage in 1LL3g@L  @ctivities. I am a individual 3nt3rpris3 who is not c03rc3d into subjecting myself into something that I am not in control of at all times.



Gifts are  mentioned here and on my ads, for my time and companionship only.  Refrain from asking me in person, text or email about gifting.  

*At no point during our meeting will the consideration be discussed, nor should I have to look around for it. Please place it in plain sight on dresser upon entry, do not attempt to hand to me or acknowledge in any way.  This is to be taken care of BEFORE we get to know each other.  Kindly excuse yourself to the bathroom.

*Tipping is always appreciated, but not expected.


*I expect your honesty in the verification process as it is crucial to my safety.  I dislike it a great deal when an individual tries to play with me, as I am highly trained on what to look for and listen for, in regards to off putting words or actions.  I always find out the truth.  Those that are untruthful with automatically be blacklisted and communication will be terminated.

Courteousness (IMPORTANT!!!)

*Please confirm with me, THE DAY BEFORE, of scheduled meeting date by text!

I WILL NOT chase you down for confirmation (it will leave a slight distaste with me, as communication and transparency are held in high regard with me!).



I take my time seriously as I do yours, but if notice is not given:

I do require 50% cancellation fee if cancelled 23 hours BEFORE scheduled time of meeting. 

If cancelled 12 hours or less BEFORE our scheduled time, 100% cancellation fee is required. 

You will have up to 8 hours to rectify this.  If not paid, I will be required to blacklist you with other ladies for being inconsiderate.


Like with any friendship, as we become closer over time you will find that spending time with me is never the same experience twice.   As we get to know each other, my desire is that together we will explore new & exciting aspects of one another.  We will always pick up where our last visit left off . . .

Inter-Vivos Gifting

Home-based in Virginia (Hampton Roads only)


Invite me over...

1 Hour      $400

1.5 Hours  $600

2 Hours    $800

2.5 Hours  $1000

3 Hours   $1200

4 Hours  $1600

5 Hours  $2000

6 Hours  $2400

8 Hours  $3200

Home-based in Virginia (Hampton Roads only)  Deposit is mandatory! Cashapp only

I host... (all arrangements MUST be made during the hours of 4PM-10PM (day of check-in) or 8:30AM-10:30AM (next day check-out). Mandatory 24 hour notice!

2 hours  $1000 with $267.50 deposit

3 hours  $1500 with $267.50 deposit

(Explanation of deposit) All deposits are sent via 3rd party app, so the adage is to cover what app deducts for transfers.  Deposit of $250 are deducted out of each gifted amount for schedule time increment, the adage is not.

I absolutely love to spend time with couples.

I would be honored to enjoy time with you and your significant other.

This arrangement will be in your location of comfort.

2 hours  $2000 (minimum requirement; my sole focus is the woman in this and doing what I must to make HER feel comfortable and HER needs are met)


Other locations nearby that I cater to...

Gloucester County, Isle of Wight County, James City County, Mathews County, Southampton County, York County, City of Chesapeake, City of Franklin, City of Hampton, City of Newport News, City of Norfolk, City of Poquoson, City of Portsmouth, City of Suffolk, City of Virginia Beach, City of Williamsburg, Richmond, Charlottesville, and Lynchburg, Outer Banks, Camden County, Perquimans County, Gates County, Currituck County, Pasquotank County

Keep in mind, that the commute to each individual area differs, and that the request is determined upon my drive time.

I am based in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Out excursions to OBX, Richmond, Charlottesville and areas out at least an hours distance requires travel deposit of $100 

(covers gas, tolls, etc.)

My hosting arrangements will need to be discussed, as this has a different contingency.

Drive me to you extended arrangements...for established friends only

The commonplace label to this is widely known as a FMTY, but I prefer to take my own vehicle and drive myself to you.  It gives me time to drive (which is something I love to do, with the windows down inhaling fresh air, and beautiful scenery)

If you are finally ready to take the next step, 

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